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Key Signs Of Elder Abuse That You Should Know

To be able to do things that you were able to do independently when you grow, you will need some assistance. The people the elderly trust can subject them to exploitation because of depending on them. According to the survey, there are a lot of seniors that are subjected to abuse in one way or the other. To explain more what elder abuse is, it is the harm that is caused to the seniors at the hands of someone in a position of trust. It does not mean that the torture comes from the assisted living or retirement homes. elder abuse can be caused by a family member, a neighbor or anyone in a position of trust and accountability. You can be able to protect the elderly when you know the signs of the abuse they are subjected to. you can read this article to know some of the top signs of elder abuse.

Physical abuse is the first type of elder abuse. This can be any form of bodily harm or injury. Restraining them by tying them in a chair or bed, or locking them in a room are also physical abuse. Under no circumstance should the elderly be given medicines that are no prescribed. You can identify physical abuse by visible wounds, recurring injuries, burns, bruises or cuts you can’t explain, broken bones and so on.

Sexual abuse on this list is the second type of abuse that the elderly go through. People tend to think that people at old age are not subjected to sexual abuse. Their vulnerability is what makes them to be subjected to sexual abuse. Exposure to pornographic materials or forced nudity are forms of sexual abuse to them. It is not allowed to touch without permission as it is treated as rape. Some of the signs of sexual abuse against elders include, damaged clothing particularly underwear, sexually transmitted infections, bleeding from the genitals among others.

Another type of abuse is psychological. This can be yelling at them, threatening or arrogant communication. Controlling what they do, where they go and see is also one form of psychological abuse.

They are also subjected to financial abuse. When their assets and properties are threatened, this means that the elderly are at financial abuse. No one is allowed to forge the signature of the elderly. It is treated as torture to the elderly when they are overcharged the services or charged the services they never received or even asking for bogus donations for them.

It is important to make sure you are going to request to speak with the elderly privately and notify them that you want to help. If they disclose to you that they are abused, make sure you contact the relevant authorities of the elderly and if you find out that the issue is not that urgent, get in touch with the adult protective services in the state of the victim.