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How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is always the largest social network and that is why you will find that there are so many people whose account has been hacked before. There are different ways through which you can know if your account has been hacked hence, you have to make sure that you know those ways so that in case your account is hacked you will be able to know. You have to know the ways of recovering your Facebook account since after your account has been hacked you will need to recover it. Therefore, the discussion below is on how to recover a hacked Facebook account.

Using the associated email is one of the tips for recovering your hacked Facebook account. When you go to the associated email you will see a place where it is written that send the code to the email hence, you will have to click on that place. One will have to go to their email address where they will be able to see the code. You will now have to use the code that has been sent to recover that hacked Facebook account.

One of the tips for recovering your hacked Facebook account is by using email changed notification. There is that email that you would have used as a primary email hence, you can also use that email to recover your Facebook hacked account. If you choose to use the primary email you will have to click on a place written if you didn’t do this please secure your account. After you have clicked on that hyperlink you will be required to verify some different things and after the verification you will be able to recover your hacked Facebook account.

Using your recovery mobile number is another guide to recovering your hacked Facebook account. The recovery mobile number will always be important since it’s the one that will help you recover your Facebook password if it has been changed. There is a place that is always written forgot password when you just click on Facebook of which you will have to type your phone number on that place and then search that number. After that Facebook will send the recovery code to your phone if which you will enter to your Facebook account and then and then get back your account.

Using trusted contact is also another tip for recovering your hacked Facebook account. If you have those Facebook friends that you true you can use their email to recover your account. Here you will just have to select their email instead of yours so that the code is sent to their email. To conclude, if you need to recover your Facebook account this article will help you do that,

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