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Divorce Issues-What Goes Into a Divorce and How a Divorce Attorney Helps In Such

There is often a feeling of anxiety that follows the course of a divorce and many clients complain of these in most cases. To help relieve of these, it would be good to understand the divorce process. A divorce attorney is the professional you would be looking up to for the necessary guidance and support to be able to go through the divorce process with as much success and without worsening the already bad situation as a family and a couple.

The lawyers at such law firms will be there to walk with you every step of the way, working very closely with you so as to ensure that the issue at hand is dealt with in the most professional manner. But generally, the divorce process will take a form as described below.

It all starts with a petition for the dissolution of marriage or the filing of a petition for the dissolution of a domestic partnership. The person who files for the divorce first will be called the petitioner.

After this the other party in the marriage will be served with a copy of the summons and petition and then will have up to 30 days to respond. Such a person receiving these summons in the proceedings will be referred to as the respondent. Note the fact that in case the respondent doesn’t file their response with the court in the timelines so set by the court, then the petitioner, the party who filed for the divorce first will be able to get a judgment or ruling by default.

After the divorce is filed, a party may then consider filing for or requesting temporary court orders so as to determine custody arrangements and support as the divorce process and case moves on. This is quite important more so where children are there between the couple whose interests as well must be taken into account. Added to this, it would as well be important for the divorcing parents to attend parent education classes during the process of divorce. These classes should be such that are approved by the county where the divorce has been filed.

After this is done, we now get to the discovery phase and this is where we see the division of the assets there may be between the couple. Oftentimes this is one of the areas where there is seen a lot of contestation and this is where we see the need to have an experienced attorney with wide experience in divorce and family law to help you have these resolved in the most logical way.
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