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The Key Differences between Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are what makeup cannabis, they are identified as the two main classes. You can easily get the difference between marijuana and hemp by just checking for the levels of hemp, and that which is more than 0.3 percent is for the marijuana class., while the one with less is for hemp. Learn more from this article to know the differences between marijuana and hemp in details since this has always brought a lot of confusion among the people.

First, you will get to see the difference when it comes to the chemical composition of the two. Both the marijuana and the hemp are known to be the main sources of CBD, but they are very different when it comes to the amount of THC present. You will get to see that the hemp is different as it has just about 0.3 percent of the THC which is not the case with marijuana as it has around 30 percent of the same.

Based on the THC content that is present in marijuana and hemp, they are very different when it comes to legality. Marijuana is known to be very legal since it has very high levels of THC. Only the hemp products with a 0.3 percent THC are legalized while those below 0.3 percent are illegal hence should not be used publicly.

An additional variance that exists between marijuana and hemp is in terms of their growth conditions. The reasons for planting these two are varied, and they are cultivated in different environments. Greenhouses are the best places where marijuana plants are cropped for higher yields as the atmospheric conditions in these areas is controlled. The conditions which will optimize flower budding for the particular breed of marijuana that is planted will have to be set. For higher produces, you will have to attend to the marijuana plants more for every growth stage they get to. For the hemp plant, it is grown outdoors in uncontrolled conditions. The more it spreads, the quantity of its produce goes higher.

Last, there is a difference between the use of hemp and marijuana. The prevalent variations for using hemp and marijuana are pointed out to their differences in the chemical composites that build them. Marijuana has a high proportion of THC that triggers euphoric effects. The therapeutics industry has been noted to be a beneficiary from the application of marijuana although the most common application is for recreation. On the other side, hemp is cultivated multiple varieties for different applications. There are medicines and food commodities that are produced with the hemp. Hemp is also applicable in various industries like clothing, paper plastic, and building materials.

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