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Key Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Investor

When it comes to selling a home, using realtors has always been the norm over the years that people hardly think about real estate investors. Realtors are professionals who know what they are doing when selling your home, but not all homeowners have had positive experience over the years. Choosing whether to use a real estate investor or a realtor to sell your home can be quite a challenge whether you are experienced or it is your first time. A first timer or experienced seller, consider selling your home to an investor to avoid the slow and complicated paperwork along with other advantages.

An investor will buy your home as it; if your home is in a poor condition, a realtor may need you to complete several repairs before they are willing to list your property. Investors will never ask a homeowner to foot for the bill or lift an hammer throughout the entire process because they will cater for the repair expenses. When your home is in foreclosure; you normally have a short window to in which you can sell your home to avoid foreclosure from being completed.

Even the best of traditional realtors can have a hard time selling properties in high crime areas or bad neighborhood but that is not an issue to investors. Instead of combing the market for a buyer to purchase that property of yours in a bad neighborhood, sell it to an investor and make it his problem. Unlike traditional realtors who find buyers who can’t afford buying your homes and will need financial assistance form institutions, investors have their own money and purchase in cash making the entire process so much easier.

Your home is transferring directly from one set of hands to another and this drastically reduces the amount of paperwork to be dealt with. When you work with traditional realtors to sell your home, they don’t work for free and normally take up to six percent of the total sale of your home making the sale price deceiving. Nobody gets a cut of the money you receive when transacting with an investor because the process is simple and straightforward.
The closing becomes the investors responsibility and they pay up for anything that comes up in that period like paperwork fee. Unlike realtors and agents who get part of the money you are offered, with an investor you get all the money to the last dime. An investor can close on your in a week since there is no waiting involved once you have accepted an offer. Selling a home to an investor has several merits that one stand to enjoy as discussed above.

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